Please Allow 2-3 Weeks for Personalization. Thank You for Your Patience!

About Me

    Hello there!  I’m Holly, and I created Home Sweet Monogram because I LOVE a beautiful, personalized space.  My favorite way to achieve that is with embroidery.  I have been sewing and embroidering since I can remember for all my family and friends, and it is the best way for me to decompress after a long day of working as a registered nurse.  In the operating room we need to have an extreme attention to detail.  I bring that same attention to detail to my embroidery.  It’s just innate.  I love what I do, and I want to share that passion with you.  

     Every monogram is different and it’s fun to see how they turn out.  My goal is for you to be as excited when you see it as I am when I pull it off the machine!  I want to help you create stunning decor for your home, so I make it a priority to work with my customers and make sure you’re receiving exactly what you imagined - and better!  This is why I’ve spent time putting together my favorite monogram fonts and scripts to offer you, a beautiful collection you won’t find anywhere else. 

     There is a sad truth about monograms however...they are not all created equal.  Some letters look better in certain fonts than others.… what do we do with a monogram for Parker Olivia Otem (POO), or Ellie Faye Landry (ELF)?  If you are wavering over how to place your letters, or a particular font, I hope you contact me so that I can help - Parker and Ellie deserve beautiful monograms too!  If you want to contact me and send me your initials, I’m happy to suggest a font they would look stunning in.  Your home is YOUR space so let me help you personalize it!

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-xo Holly